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Wings Skins, part 2

January 11, 2012

I got the top, most inboard, skin attached today.  Mostly.  It still requires a few more rivets on the bottom.  The skins proved to be a bit more challenging than I thought.  The job seems pretty straight forward, insert rivets, backrivet them in place.  Vans suggests you get a tool like this.

Offset back rivet set

I found it to be very frustrating to keep steady.  So eventually I gave up.  Michelle and I had set about 25 rivets and I had to go back and fix about 8.  That is dismal.  I was going to sell this set, but have decided to hold on to it in case there is something coming that requires it.

Me trying to make the offset rivet set work

Shop heads

All but the bottom rivets are in

I think the standard bucking bar/rivet set worked great.  We couldn’t have set these any better.

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