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Wing Skins, part 1

January 8, 2012

Well I woke up this AM ready to tackle the wing skins.  I’m ready to go back to bed now.  The aren’t going as well as I hoped.  My daughter and I got out to the garage pretty early, turned on the the heat, and started taping rivets down.  We started having problems from the start.  Mostly mis-communications that caused errors.  Once we got those squared away we got on a roll for about 8 rivets.  Then I screwed up 3 shop heads in a row.   We hammered 2 more pretty well, then 2 more bad shop heads.  The factory heads were fine, but the shops were not good.  At this point I decided to stop.  I was making too many mistakes.

The source of the problem is with this offset back rivet set.

Offset back rivet set

It is very difficult to control and requires a LOT of power to set the rivet.  As an example, when I normally do back riveting with the smaller 4 or 5 inch set I have my air pressure set to 30lbs or so.  This set, being so long and much heavier, requires about 80-90lbs.  As a result it bucks around in your hand quite a bit and is very hard to keep on target.  I might try again later, but I’m thinking that it may be easier to buck the rivets with a regular mushroom set and bucking bar and save this tool for the hard to reach spots.

The 'X' is not a mark of where to find treasure



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