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Starting Ailerons

January 6, 2012

UPS is still not here with my rivets and other parts so I can finish mounting my leading edge. So, in the mean time I’ve decided to start working on my ailerons.

I figured, if nothing else, I could get the stiffeners done and maybe get some match drilling happening.  While I was thinking about it, it sounded like a good idea to do both ailerons at the same time.  Right, that sounds like a good idea?

As I’ve said before, crafting stiffeners is the RV version of hell.  An hour and a half standing at my bench grinder and this is what I have.

I’m not 100% sure, but those may be the last ones I have to do.  Oh wait, the flaps maybe.  I haven’t gotten that far in the instructions yet.  A few clecos later and I have this.

Nice stiffeners all in a row.  Next up I’ll be match drilling, dimpling, edge prepping and priming all those parts.  Right now my back is sore from standing and dinner is on the way.  Where the heck is that UPS guy?

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