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Quickie Tank Test

December 29, 2011

As the last task on the fuel tank, the pressure test is the most nerve wracking.  This is when you find out if all your efforts worked.

I bought the tank testing kit a month or so ago and got it rigged up yesterday.  It was just an ugly “stick it together quick to get an idea of how to do it” kind of project.  I filled the tank until a balloon attached to the vent tube inflated.  I then sprayed the tank down with soapy water.  No leaks anywhere but where the balloon is attached.  I’ll make a few more corrections today and do a more thorough test today.

I’ve also been procrastinating the dimple/deburr of my wing skins.  I’m running out of other things to do so I guess I have to do that.  Blah…I wonder if my sock drawer need rearranging?

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