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November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is time for family, turkey and football (not necessarily in that order).  If you read the news it is also about “black friday” which is now starting to leak into black thursday.  I even saw Avery Tools sent me a black friday flyer in email.  So you came here to see whats been going on with the plane.  I’m still working on the right tank.  It is a pretty important part, so getting it right is a good idea.  I have two ribs installed and pro-sealed into place.  I’d like to document the prosealing process, but it is God awful messy and I dont want to trash my camera.  Here are a few shots of the work that has been done.

Yes, only two

Rivet detail


Pro-Seal is a two part product that you have to mix.  This stuff is so strong.  Imagine a substance that must be able to be submerged in aviation fuel for years and never break down.  That has to be some powerful stuff.  The mixture is made in a ratio of 10:1 sealant to hardener.  Generally I mix up no less than 30-grams of sealant at a time.  One rib and the rivets and fillet consume about 55-60g.  The ratio needs to be pretty exact.  When I spoon out 50g of sealant I try to hit exactly 50g.  When I put hardener in I try to hit exactly 5g.  If i’m off 2 or 300mg that is unacceptable.  If I’m off by 4 or 5mg, then I don’t sweat it to much.  When you mix it you get the impression that you are stirring peanut butter, the consistancy is that thick.  The sealant is white, or maybe a light cream color and the hardener is very very black.  It is easy to tell if you haven’t mixed well.  You have to mix it vigorously until everything is a uniform grey color.  You have to be careful because some of the sealant can get caught in the corners of the cup and you might miss it until you’re buttering up your flange.  Then you see a white streak through the grey and know you didn’t mix well enough.  Generally I find that 2 minutes of mixing is required per batch.

Not sure how much building will happen this weekend.  Mom is in town and my son has hockey.  We’ll see.

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