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Skin Attach

October 13, 2011

Finally I got the stands made and working the way I want.  Next up, place the top skins on the skeleton and match drill.  The skins are all being stored in my attic (along with all my parts).  I had to locate the W702 and W703, neither of which had a left/right designation.  It became clear why once I found the parts.  They are basically just big rectangular pieces of aluminum.  It wouldn’t matter if I put them on the right or left wing.  I also had to find the wing walk doubler.  This took some searching because I really had no idea what size or shape the aluminum plate would come in.  I finally found them (there were two) buried under parts for the ailerons.

The process is pretty straight forward.  Cleco the parts into place and match drill.  But before you can do that, you have to cut and drill hole in the doubler.  The wing walk is the area of the wing that sits up against the fuselage.  As its name would imply, it is the area you walk up to get in the cockpit on.  The doubler gives the area extra strength against accidental puncture or bending.

The wing walk is that area where the 4 ribs are real close together.

Making the doubler is pretty easy. Cut the sheet of aluminum for the doubler to 26″ x 9 3/8″ (i think). Place the doubler under the W702 and make sure the inboard and forward edges are flush. You clamp the pieces together and drill the first line of holes. Insert clecos and drill the second line of holes etc… until it is finished.

You take the doubler and slip it under the top skin and cleco everything together.  When you’re done you can start match drilling.

After I had the bottoms match drilled I read on in the instructions and predictably I had to hang the top skins and match drill them.  The bottom skins are W704R and W705R.  I located these and brought them downstairs.  These skins are thinner and more flimsy.  You have to be a bit more careful with them.  Because of some inspection plate covers, these pieces have a definate left/right assignment and you have to make sure you’re putting the correct one on.  The process went about the same as the last one.  Hang it up, cleco it on, drill out the holes.  Easy peasy.

Top skins on the skeleton all drilled out.

Another top skin shot.

Next up will be making the leading edges of the wings.  I’m going to do the left and right at the same time.

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