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Wing Stand, Part 2

October 8, 2011

I’ll post some pictures later. I’m doing this on my iPad, which is not great without a good Bluetooth keyboard.
I got the new stand fully assembled and the wing mounted on it. I have to admit that this was a pretty frustrating exercise. I am not good at thinking outside of the box with materials and tasks I am not familiar with. I went through 3 separate designs. Ultimately I had to use the design originally proposed by Vans. One of the biggest problems was trying to figure out how to get the brackets that hold the bottom of the 4x4s to stick to the concrete in the garage. I tried two different types of Liquid Nails. Liquid Nails is a construction adhesive used for just such a purpose. The problem is that both of the type failed to hold the bracket to the floor. All of the environmental conditions we’re within what the instructions said it should be. I went back to Lowes to find another brand of adhesive. By the way, I wanted to use the adhesive because I don’t want to drill holes into my garage floor. While I was cruising through Lowes a thought came to me. Back when I was working on my trim tab on my elevator I used double sided carpet tape and was pretty impressed with the stickiness of it. The stuff is nuclear sticky. I figured it was worth a try. I came home (with the new adhesive tube, just incase) and cleaned everything with Simple Green and MEK. I laid down the strips of tape on the floor and then the steel brackets on top of that. ¬†Amazingly, the tape holds better than the glue did. I’m pretty impressed. So use the carpet tape if you are having this problem as well.

You can see the carpet tape sticking out from under the bracket.

Tomorrow, I start fitting top skins..

Here's one of the 4x4's attached to the ceiling.

Stand - inboard side

Here's where the inboard side of the wing attaches to the stand.

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