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Wing Stand, Part I

October 2, 2011

That nagging feeling that something wasn’t right started to creep into my brain as I was consuming a late PB&J sandwich yesterday.  I couldn’t figure out why my careful leveling job needed adjusting after I put my wing in place on the stand.  It wasn’t just a little off, either.  After my rapid power lunch I decided to go back to the garage and think it through.  After awhile it dawned on me to check the floor.  You guessed it, my garage floor isn’t level.  With the floor not being level, the cross piece is only going to be level in the spot where I leveled it.  As soon as I adjust my stand it is out of whack.

Finished product

These are the stands that I built.  They aren’t anything like what Vans suggests.  However they are mobile and they are easy to make.  If you are reading this because you are trying to figure out if you should build some like this then here is your decision tree:

Is your floor level?

1) Yes


If you chose 2 then do what Vans tells you to do in the instructions.  If you chose number 1 then do what Vans tells you to do, unless you wish to come back here and see what I did to comply with what Vans wants you to do.

Do I need a permit for this?

These are the plans for what Vans wants you to build.  Two 4x4s that go from the floor to the ceiling.  This is WAY easier said than done.  You have to really attach these things to the floor and ceiling.  You can just wedge them up there and hope they stay.  With winter coming, things will contract and suddenly my posts wont fit anymore.  Next weekend I’ll post what I’m doing.  I basically wasted this weekend trying to make something work that isn’t going to.  Somewhere or another I read someones post “Dont fix problems you dont have.”   I should have followed that guys advice.

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