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Main Wing Components Riveted

September 21, 2011

I got out into the garage the last couple of nights and got the rear spar attached on the other wing.  All looked good until I noticed that the ribs have a tab on the bottom side up against the rear spar.  I am going to have a devil of a time dimpling this.  I was sure that I missed something in the directions, but I pored over them again and couldn’t find a single thing that said I was supposed to dimple.  After reading VAF and checking out a few sites, it seems that this is not an oversight.  They really do want you to dimple the spar and the rib at the same time.  Ok…whatever.  I’ll figure it out.

Next stop is getting my wing stand situated.  I’ve built the basic posts.  Now I have to put the rest of the hardware together.  I’ll post that when it gets done.  I went out at lunch today and got the necessary components.  When I get back from this road trip….weekend after next…I’ll see about getting it put together.

I have another issue now too.  Apparently it is not uncommon at this stage of the build to come down with Builders Elbow, which is similar to Tennis Elbow except it hurts when you cleco not when you serve.  There is not a quick fix, it would seem.  Time and not using the tendon in question are the only way to fix it.  Any time it hurts you are exacerbating the situation.  I need to get a strap for my arm and then I need to stop using it.  I figure if it hurts, I’m using it.  So I am training myself so that when I feel pain I stop and figure out how to do it differently.  More updates as this progresses.

Terry, maybe you can come over and set clecos until your tendon blows up?  🙂

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