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Bavaria and Italian Motorcycles

September 17, 2011

MV Agusta F4

I am not what you would call a motorcycle connoisseur but I definitely recognize art when I see it.  A few years ago I saw a special on TV about a small Italian  motorcycle company call MV Agusta.  It was formed revived by a former executive and a designer from Ducati.  MV Agusta apparently made bikes for many years between 1946’ish and the 90’s but went out of business.  It was apparently legendary in motorcycle racing world, but never had a wide appeal in the market.  We don’t see many of them in the US…at least I haven’t.

The owner of this hotel is, obviously, very wealthy.  Apparently there are 5 Bentley’s in the garage that are owned by him.  He also has a few Ferrari’s one of which is his race car.

Cigar Room

In the cigar room you can see motorcycles under the stairs.  Lets take a closer look.

Yup them are bikes.

My eyes were not decieving me.  Those are two Agusta MV F4’s.  One is labeled ‘Senna’ and I cant figure out what that implies.  There doesn’t seem to be an F4 Senna on their site.  Might be a limited edition?  Not sure.  Accompanying the two modern F4’s is a classic MV Agusta.  I am unsure what year it is.  All of the bikes seem like they are moving just sitting there, like their stands are the only thing holding them back from tearing off into the distance.

Classic MV Agusta

The Senna

Do you like the MV Agusta carpets they are sitting on?

The lighting wasn’t very good and my flash was too powerful to get any good close up shots.

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