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Left Wing Ribs (mostly) Connected

August 30, 2011

Rivets on the wrong side

As you can see I’ve got rivets on the ribs.  I made only one teenie weencie error.  I put the factory heads on the wrong side.  Talk about a heart attack moment.  I didn’t figure out that I’d made the mistake until I got to the last rib and I remembered that there was a note about this rib.  So I went to read what it said.

Rivet the main ribs to the front and rear spar, EXCEPT for the outboard W-712 rib, which is riveted to the rear spar, but not the main spar.  Place the manufactuered head of the rivet on the rib flange (side thinnest material), to prevent distoring the parts.

See that last sentence?  The one that is so unimportant they put it last in the paragraph?  I have utterly no recollection of reading that before.  Are they talking about just W-712, or all the ribs?  It’s very unclear.  Turns out they mean all the rivets on the spars.  In the picture above I have the factory, or manufactured head, on the wrong side.

Making mistakes on this project is not uncommon.  If you read any (honest) build site you’ll see plenty of mistakes.  Make a boo-boo on the main spar is just about heresy.  Its like screwing up the canopy, you just can’t afford to do it.  The canopy is listed at $1100.00 to replace.  There is no replacement cost for a spar.  You have to call Vans and they’ll tell you.  That’s the kind of mistake I thought I’d made.

As it turns out it wasn’t.  I called Vans this AM and it turns out that this is fairly common.  They recommend that it be done the way in the directions, but it isn’t mandatory.  They suggest that I do it the other way on the right wing.

I need to drill out a few messed up rivets, but other than that I’m ready to put the ribs in the right wing.

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