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Wing Starting to Take Shape

August 21, 2011

I see a wing peeking out from that pile of parts.

This is one of the best parts of building.  After you’ve been slaving away at small individual parts, you start putting them together and see what it is you are making.  Pieces of the puzzle that you didn’t understand just a few days ago are clicking into place.  Now I’m understanding where the bell crank will be.  I’m also seeing how little space there is going to be in that area.  Where is pitot tube going to fit?  Ah!  That’s what those holes I didn’t rivet in the rear spar are for.  Questions are answered but more questions take their places.  All that tedious prep work pays off.  My flanges are 90-degrees, my rib orientation is right.  I didn’t drill any hole where they shouldn’t be.  That’s what I get for triple and quadruple checking anything I am going to cut or drill.  It’s a good Sunday morning.

And now for the cliche picture that all build sites must include.  🙂

I had to do this...

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