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Deburring and Fluting

August 21, 2011

What can I say, there just ins’t much to show you here.  I have to deburr and flute all the ribs.  Deburring is pretty easy, but tedious in the extreme.  From Friday evening to Saturday afternoon I was deburring…about 12 – 14 hours or so.  Friday night my neck hurt from standing over my work table and bench grinder.  Saturday morning it was quality time with the die grinder.  By Saturday afternoon I was fluting.  Fluting is the process where you take a rib that is not straight and true and try to get it as close as you can.  It makes all the parts come together so much nicer when this works correctly.

Fluting at the kitchen table.

The hammer is to help align the flanges so they are 90-degrees to the web of the rib.  There isn’t really a particular way to flute.  It is as much an art as it is anything.  You read the directions given to you by Vans and go to work.  I worked on this from about 1pm until about 7:45pm.  Less tedious than deburring, and I got to be inside in the AC.  Nothing wrong with that.

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