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Tie Downs are Done

August 18, 2011

The tie down brackets on the wings are done.  Want to see?  I’d love to show you but I can’t find my camera.  I’ve turned the place upside down and now my wife is looking.  “What honey?”   Sorry…still no camera.  Here is an artist rendition of what it would look like:

Artist Rendition of installed tiedown

That should make it clear.


So we found the camera this AM.  Here is the proof!


This thing was STUPID hard to do.  If you are reading this before doing yours do yourself a favor and consider not drilling the lightening holes.  The weight savings is about .8oz (not per wing, total of .8oz) and I dont think its worth the effort.  You have to make 4 of these.  I messed up 3 of them.  My real mistake was drilling the holes for the nut plates.  For whatever reason my drilling was not very straight and the rivets were all cock-eyed in the holes.  When I got the new aluminum stock from Vans I cut 4 of them out and just skipped ahead to the nut plates.  They took some time to drill out so that I didn’t repeat the same problem.  Primed and riveted.  See the blue stuff, thats called Torque Seal.  Its an indicator to let me know that these bolts have been torqued to their final value of 23 in-lbs.

Along with my replacement parts I got some new toys.

I am NOT going to do Aerobatics! That's a lie!

These are called flop tubes.  The normal fuel pick ups in the fuel tank are just sections of rigid aluminum tube.  If you plan to fly upside down for any length of time, or perform neg G maneuvers you should have to have at least one flop tube so that the engine can pick up fuel while in an unusual attitude.

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