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Summer work

July 17, 2011

Another weekend of blistering heat.  Actually the heat isnt that bad, but hte humidity is what gets you.  Something like 65% humidity out there.  It makes wanting to be out there building pretty tough.

I am going to be mixing up my build a bit.  Vans has you work on the spars, attach the ribs, then work on the fuel tanks.  I’m going stop working on the spars, skip the ribs and start working on the fuel tanks.  There is a bit of method to my madness.  Doing it the Vans way will mean that I have to have one or more wing skeletons in my way while I’m working on the tanks.  What I want to do is get the tanks built and then put them away in the attic.  Then I can start working on the wings and bust them out and attach my tanks when the time comes.  I’ll double check with the VAF guys to see if there are any gotcha’s, but I cant think of much.

Looking into the crystal ball, I have to say that my summer is a lot more crazy than I anticipated.  In all honesty, I might be traveling pretty much until the end of August.  That will mean that my weekends are the times I can build, but by being out this much I am going to have to spend more time with the kids.  So who knows.  I might not get to start building again in earnest until the fall.  Work is good, and I hope it means that I can get enough saved up to pay for the fuselage kit by the beginning of January.  I doubt I’ll be buying it that early, but I’d like to have the money banked.

Oshkosh is upon us.  This will be our first year attending Oshkosh, we are all pretty excited about going.  We are going to be camping and seeing how we like that.  I’m hoping that the weather in Wisconsin will work out.  Not to hot, and no rain would be great.  I will try to update my blog as I can.  I always tell myself that I’m going to do it, but I never do.  I’m such a horrible blogger.

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