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Attach Points Almost Done

July 8, 2011

No pictures tonight.  I got a good 4 hours in the garage tonight.  The temperatures were pretty mild, so there wasn’t any heat to contend with.  I riveted about 60 nut plates…hmm..that is 120 rivets.  Most I used the squeezer on, some I had to buck.

I had an humorous observation today about bucking rivets.  Early on, when working on the empennage, I remember the first rivets I bucked and how anxious I was about it.  Now I barely even think about it.  Bucking them is just second nature.  That’s good, becuase I have hundreds and hundreds of rivets to buck on these wings.

I guess I should read ahead in the instructions and see what is coming up.  After the tank attach points I have to do about 12 nut plates for some inspection covers.  That will be exactly like the tank attach nut plates, but they will be a bit smaller.  I’ll have to dial in the counter sink cage to a new size.  I could have done it while I was doing the tank attach hole, but I didn’t want to change my counter sink cages and then have to change them back.

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