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Getting Ready for the Wings

June 8, 2011

This week has been crazy and I haven’t been home since Monday and wont be home again until Friday.  Last weekend I spend all my time getting ready for the build.  Trying to understand the directions, sorting out small parts and fasteners, getting the garage a bit more organized as well.  I took the spars out of their box and got them oriented.

It’s a good idea, before drilling or riveting that you get these situated.  You need to mark with a Sharpie top, inboard, forward, aft on the parts so you understand the orientation.

I’ve determined one thing about the wings already.  I’m going to spend a lot more time staring at the plans, re-reading the instructions and generally locked in analysis paralysis than I have before.  The instructions on the empennage were basically step by step instructions:

  • Take this part and debur it
  • Attach it part to this part with clecos.  Make sure it all fits and then take it apart
  • dimple, debur, edge prep all the parts, prime if desired.
  • Rivet this to that
  • ….etc.

The instructions for the wings are far more narrative.

You’ll start out be making some stiffeners from the W714 stock then fit the stiffeners to the top skin.  After the stiffeners are riveted, you’ll begin attaching the skin to the wing frame. 

I dont have the plans in front of me, but that is basically how things work.  The empennage was your freshman year and the wings are your sophomore year.  You should understand, by now, how to do all the intermediate steps.

I now have to attach a bazzilion nut plates.  Its been a couple days, but I think that they are tank attachment nutplates.  They have to be countersunk for the skin and a #8 screw.  So when I get home I need to start getting my countersink cage set.  The spars are very very expensive, so I cannot make any mistakes on it.

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