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Last Bits

May 31, 2011

This evening was pretty short.  I had a laundry list of task that needed looking at and here they are.

Need to hack away at some metal here

This is the counterbalance weight (on the left) and the elevator skin where the blue lines are.  You have to trim away the excess in order to give the weight free clearance to move.  Otherwise you just fly at a fixed altitude which sucks if you take off from sea level.  So in order to gain altitude I did this:

Now my elevator swings free.

Remember the holes I had to drill with the drill bushing?  Well today I took everything apart and drilled that tiny hole out to 1/4″.  I stepped it up several sizes before getting to 1/4″.  Here are the results after I put everything back together.


That bolt went in with hardly any pressure and I doubt I could have done that any better with $10 bushing I would get until tomorrow or Thursday.

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