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Wing Stands

May 21, 2011

So it is time to start getting ready for wing construction.  Like everyone, I have to come up with a way to hang my wings so that I can work on them.  Vans has a really good idea, but it involves mounting two floor to ceiling 4×4’s.  I just cant do that in the garage.  I may have to convert my building space into clear floor space at a moments notice.

What I came up with was a method used by Andrew at his build site, which I think he credits to another builder.  Anyway, I did make a modification or two.  Andrew chose to make his a double so that he could work on both wings together.  I decided to make just one set.  I dont think I am going to have the space to do two.  If I decide to, I’ll just make another set.

The parts list is pretty basic.  For the base I chose a 16″ square piece of MDF.  Attached to that are two 2×4’s screwed together.  Use the select or premium grade…you will be sorry if you dont.  Bowing, cupping, warping, twisting…etc is really bad on this.  The legs are made with 13″ pieces of 2×4 that I’ve custom cut at 45deg on each end.  I used my band saw for the basic cut then my bench sander for clean-up.

Finely handcrafted with care by artisans

I used 2.5″ deck screws for assembly.  Everything went together just fine.  I had one problem with one of my bases that I had to remake, but that was no biggy.

One down, one to go.

I did have a problem with my drill.  I kept stripping the holes out, which is tough to fix.  Fortunately I just got a new tool in the mail.  I’m not sure how it works, but the sonic screwdriver fixed it up in a jiffy.

New sonic screwdriver is the bomb!

Once the pair is complete, I bask in the glow of accurate carpentry.

Finished product

Aerospace tolerances? I think so.

Next up is the hardware.  I may get to that tomorrow.  Again, I’ll deviate from Andrew’s stand.  More on that next.  Michelle is coming home tonight so I have to knock off and tidy the house before we go pick her up.

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