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Trim Tab Games

May 10, 2011

I was just looking back through my log and realized I left a task in the trim tab un-completed.  So I thought I’d close the loop.

The trim horn went on just fine.  Once I had my dimple problem taken care of, it was just a matter of riveting.

Installed and looking good.

As you can see there are rivets all done there.  These are the rivets on the bottom of the trim tab spar.  These were not easy to set.  I back riveted them, but Michelle had to come out and hold open the metal so I could get enough of the back rivet set in to do the job.  I am afraid we many have bent the trailing edge some.  I wont know for sure until the hinge is installed.

Speaking of hinge, I spent a lot of time this past weekend trying to figure out how the hinge works.  Ultimately I screwed it up.  No biggy, almost everyone messes this part up.  I couldn’t understand why they had us counter sink the top of the trim tab spar but not dimple the hinges.  Turns out I was completely screwing up the hinge.  Now I understand my mistake.  I promise I’ll take some pictures of that fun this weekend.  I’ve ordered 3′ of hinge from Aircraft Spruce.  It was way cheaper than Vans hinge.

I’m getting to the end of my empennage.  This task is the last thing on my elevators.  Then I have to fit them to the HS and adjust them.  After that, it’s on to the wings.

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