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Horizontal Stabilizer is Complete!

May 10, 2011

Yeah!  The HS is complete with the exception of the fiberglass tips.  I’ll probably delay those until the I put everything together.  The fiberglass tips shouldn’t take  a great deal of time, anyway.  I am surprised at each milestone how much work I did, how many obstacles I overcame, how many mistakes I fixed or simply let ride.  When I started my vertical stabilizer I was getting used to the pneumatic squeezer and I goofed up every 5th rivet, it seemed.  Today I blew through….I don’t know maybe 200 rivets on the perimeter of the HS.  I had to redo 2 of them, and only one of those absolutely needed it.  Bucking rivets was cause for concern in the early days…today, I would feel confident bucking all the rest of the rivets on the plane if I had too.  Its a cool feeling to know you’ve finished it.  You know where all the bumps and scars are located, but nobody else does.  Ok, I used blind rivets on the bottom for a few hard to manage rivets, but who cares.  I’m not going to be entering any beauty contests with it, anyway.

This is a completed horizontal stabilizer

It is touching the floor and the ceiling.  I assume it is just shy of 8′ tall.  In the following picture I have it all wrapped up and ready for storage.  I’m going to be putting it in the attic.  The possibility of wasps or other critters finding a home inside it is a problem.  So I’ve enshrouded it in “donated” sheets to keep it clean and free of critters.

Wrapped up like a mummy for storage in the attic.

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