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Trim Tab Work

May 2, 2011

So the trim tab has turned out to be one of those sneaky, tough, tasks that require a lot staring at the plans and re-reading the instructions.  The real sticking point with the tab is the hinge.  The plans and instructions are abysmal!  Basically they tell you to fit the hinge using the dimensions given.  Then plans then have a notation saying 1/4″ which you can’t tell where it’s measuring from, and when you come to the conclusion you finally understand, if you’re like me, you say “Duh…its a 1/4″.”  Then there is a notation for 3/8″ which seems to be the distance from a certain hole on the underside, to a point on the top of the tab….I probably lost you two sentences ago.  It’s OK.  This is what happens when things arent clear.  Eventually I eyeballed it and said it’s fine.

Here is the trim tab in place....ignore that long hinge.

Here it, in place.  BTW, little strips of duct tape make a great clamp in this operation.  The fit is about as good as I can make it.

Not bad for a rookie. But this is just a dry fit.

It is square on the trailing edge and the inboard side.  Unfortunately duct tape wont work as a long term fastener, so I have to rivet it.  I’m hoping that it all lines up when I do that.

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