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Trim Horn Attachment

May 2, 2011

The manual trim has a cable that connects to the underside of the trim tab.  It connects to the trim tab horn.  After you’ve bent the tabs (or made a rib) and bent the trim tab skin you then have to dimple.  Well, two of the holes that connect the trim tab horn are right up against your bent tabs.

There's something wrong with two of these holes.

I really had to think this one through.  None of my dimpling solutions came close to being able to fit in there.  I thought of grinding a female die down on the side until it fit, but then I’d have to have something to rest the die on.  What I came up with was a hybrid solution.  You may remember this device from a previous post.

This is a life saver for dimpling really hard to reach holes.

Because I had technical problems with this one, the guys at the manufacterer sent me a spare insert to go into the end of this tool.  I had it in my cabinet, but never took it out of the bag.  I decided that I could take this and the male die from my pop-rivet dimple tool and do what needed doing.

Mix 'n match

The piece on the right is the pop-rivet die.  Since the Cleaveland part had a hole in the middle, a nail fit through both of them perfectly.  The dimples came out great.  I think I lucked out here.  I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t had that Cleaveland female dimple.

Turns out that you have to constantly find solutions to problems you run into.  There isn’t always a tool that will solve the problem for you.

Traveling tomorrow through the rest of the week.  Need to try and knock out more on my trim tab tonight.

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