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Wings have made it

April 20, 2011

401lbs of aerodynamic brilliance

The wing boxes arrived today.  They left Oregon on 4/14 and arrived on 4/20.  Not bad.  FedEx freight delivered them and I had two of my neighbors help me haul the boxes inside.  I haven’t opened them yet.  I may not open them until this weekend.  I have work to do and besides I have to inventory everything in the boxes.  This will take a few hours to accomplish.  Vans wants you to have the inventory done within the first 3o-days after delivery.  I’m in no rush to get it going.  I have commited (to myself)  that I will get the tail done…all of it…before I start on the wings.  I have a tendency sometimes to put something aside that I’m not ready to do and move to something else.  I’m not doing that here.  If I do, I’ll get to the “end” and there will be a long line of tasks that I didn’t get complete in previous steps.

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