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Ever have one of those days?

March 22, 2011

Remember this “gotta have” tool from a previous post?

This is a life saver for dimpling really hard to reach holes.

Well this is what it looks like now.


Last night I was happily dimpling away.  I was using the “tight fit” to get into a narrow spot on the main spar of the elevator.  At some point the female die embedded in the “tight fit” came out.  You can see the big empty hole in the second picture above.  I didn’t notice that it had come out, and I repositioned the spar for the next hole.  When I hit the trigger on the rivet gun the male die in the rivet gun bounced out skittered across the top of the spar and onto the “tight fit”.  You can kind of see little ring marks on the surface just above the big empty hole.  This broke the tip off the male die.  Now I have a broken “tight fit” a broken male 3/32 dimple die and a damaged spar that I’m going to have to get a ruling on from Vans.

So now I’m at another stopping point.  I can’t assemble anything until I get a ruling from Vans on the spar.  I guess I can get some of the parts primed and ready.  I can also go back to work on the horizontal stabilizer….Actually, no I cant.  Without the 3/32 dimple die, I’m pretty much dead in the water.

UPDATE: The spar is fertilizer.  New one on order.

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