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Assemble Rudder Frame

March 21, 2011

Well I have to wait for the other rudder skin, but that doesn’t mean I cant start assembling the frame.  The bottom of the rudder frame is the most complex part.  There are 6 pieces of metal that all come together to form the bottom of the rudder frame.  Took me longer to get everything lined up and clecos installed than it did for me to get it riveted.

Here is the bottom of the rudder frame. pretty complex piece of building here.

Make that 7 pieces.  I forgot that nutplate.  I only had to drill out one rivet, too.  On the upper part is the counter balance which is a lead weight screwed inside a rib.  The counter weight offsets the balance of the rudder and makes it much easier to move around.  Hmm…no picture of that.  I’ll have to get one for this later.  Lots of rivets, but it all went together nicely.  I could have moved on and put the one skin in place, but decided not to.  I’ll wait to do this when I get the replacement skin.

Reinforcement plates all put together and ready for business

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