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March 18, 2011

During my business trip my parts for my elevators and HS arrived.  I’d really like to get them done this weekend.  The elevators start with the stiffeners.  There are 972,000 stiffeners to cut and deburr.  Well it seems like that many.  There are actually about 32 of them.  If I’m feeling up to it tomorrow, maybe I’ll shoot a quick movie of what it takes to make a finished stiffener.  It isn’t hard….just time consuming.

More parts-cicles hanging from the clothesline. These are parts of the rudder frame that needs putting together.

First thing I needed to do was get the rudder parts out of the way.  They needed priming so thats what I did first.  Once I got them primed I hung them to dry on my elevated horizontal primer setup and drying system (clothesline).  Then I cut out the stiffeners and this time I got them all organized first so I knew which ones went where.  Once I had 4 nice piles of stiffeners I attacked them with the ScotchBrite wheel, mercilessly deburring them.  Until my wife had her Bunco party and all males in the house had to vacate.

more stiffeners. Now that I've gotten my replacement skins and stiffeners from Vans its time to get to work.


These groups go on the left hand elevator. They've been rough cut and are ready for deburring

Tomorrow I’d like to get both of the elevators riveted.  That means lots deburring, fitting, tweeking, dimpling and priming.

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