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Well I Found Stuff to Do

March 4, 2011

After posting my last post, I went out to the garage and found that I could work on the rudder frame until I get replacement parts.  It’s a fairly simple piece, but the bottom of the frame turned out to be quite a challenge.  The bottom of the rudder frame has 4 pieces mating together in one place.  There is a shim that you have to make out of stock they provide you.  The instructions for placing the shim are not real good and leave a lot of room for interpretation.

This is the bottom, forward side of the rudder. It was a bit of a puzzle to put together.

There is also an odd angle created by the rib and the rudder horn ( i have no idea what that is either).   The rudder horn is the piece that is not blue in the picture.  I assume all will be revealed at a later time.  That seems to be the case with most of this stuff.  At the top of the rudder frame is the rudders counter weight.  In the empennage kit Vans sends you 3 lead weights, not whimpy weights either.  One of those weights will go into a box that is made at the top of the rudder frame.  Putting that together required a little muscle.  You start out by fluting the ribs that are in the box.  One of them really required a lot of fluting and I’m concerned that there is so much fluting that the hole aren’t going to line up right.  When I match drilled them before going to bed, the holes were pretty good.  I hope this isn’t one of those things that comes back to bite me in the ass later.

The is the top of the rudder frame. A lead weight will go into this box.

I once read a post on a build forum where the author had a strict rule about quiting building at 9:30pm.  He found through experience that for every 30-min he worked after 9:30pm it took him an hour to fix what he screwed up.

Bonus picture!!!

Aluminum icicles

Friday I am going to rivet the stiffeners on the other rudder skin and hope not to screw it up.  Picture will undoubtedly follow.

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