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Finished the Vertical Stabilizer

February 26, 2011

Ta-Da! I’ve finished my first sub assembly of the empennage.  First off, I totally agree with the guy at Vans about starting on the VS.  It is fairly simple and lets you make mistakes that don’t cost much if you have to replace something.


Skinning it was pretty easy.  The pre-punched skins makes it very user friendly.  During a drill out I did muck up a hole pretty good.  I need to order some oops rivets from Vans so I can get that last hole done.

On to the Horizontal Stabilizer.

  1. Paul Steen permalink

    I WAS sure I’d be back in the US permanently in plenty of time to help you build, or to at least stand around and watch you build. But at this rate, you’ll be flying by spring. It really looks great.

    • Ha Ha. Trust me, there is going to be lots of stuff for you to do. The VS is a pretty simple structure to make. The HS is a bit more involved, and the elevators and rudder look like a real challange.

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