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Damaged Front Spar

February 26, 2011

HS702 consists of two aluminum spars that make up the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer.  After removing the blue plastic from the inside of the part I noticed a really nasty gouge that starts near a bolt hole on the inboard side and proceeds about 10″ to the outboard.  The scratch follows a very straight line that is right in the middle of the bend between the web and the flange.  Basically it couldn’t be in a worst spot.  Normally I could use some ScotchBrite pads and possibly buff it out.  But there is one section of the scratch I am particularly worried about.  The depth of the scratch is way deeper than I want to trust.  I’ve sent a detail of the situation to Vans asking that they replace it.  I’ll let you know how that comes out.

Update: Vans is going to send me a new spar to replace this one.

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