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Started Horizontal Stabilizer

February 21, 2011

After my post yesterday, I actually got a lot of stuff accomplished.  I got back from my EAA meeting and looked over my VS and wasn’t happy with the primer situation.  I am going to have to try something new in that department, but more on that later.  The VS was still somewhat tacky after 2.5 hours.  Granted, it was a bit humid yesterday, but I was hoping it would have been dryer.  I decided to put the VS up for the time being and let it set up overnight.  Not wanting to waste a bunch of time, I started in on the horizontal stabilizer.

From the picture below, you can see that I made quite a bit of progress on the rear spar.  One word of caution.  If you follow the instructions letter for letter you are going to find yourself swapping drill bits quite a bit, and possibly wasting time drilling holes that you dont need to.  Read through all of the rear spar instructions and get everything cleco’d to the spar before drilling.  Mark the location of the various ribs and VS146 structures so that you know where they are.  That way you can start drilling #30’s and get all the way through, swap to the #12 and do those holes etc…

Sorry for the glare. Rear spar for HS.

The only deviation for this is the assembly of VS146.   This is a pair of brackets with a bearing for the elevators.  Assemble this as the directions say.  I have to go invent a new assembly method because I didn’t follow the instructions.

Again with the glare! I have to work on that.

Yuk! This is the funk that comes off the ScotchBrite wheel after an hour or so of de burring stuff. Yes, I do wear a mask.

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