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Dimpled and Primed

February 12, 2011

Well the frame and parts for the VS are dimpled and primed.  I moved dimpling operations into the house because of the cold in the garage.  Turns out today was one of the warmest days we’ve had in weeks.  No matter, I got plenty done today.  All of the #30 and #40 holes are deburred, dimpled and now all the components are primed.

Ok Mr. FAA I am doing stuff. See, I built it!

Priming today was important.  I’m not going to be able to touch anything until next Friday.  I have to go to San Francisco all next week, so I’ll have to live without my build until I get back.  Priming was important because when I get back I’d like to get the frame of the VS completely assembled and riveted by Saturday.  I dont want to have to wait for the primer to set next weekend.  With the temps being the way they are, setup time for the primer is pretty slow.  Sunday we have an EAA meeting and I’d like to take the frame with me to get an assessment from one of the tech counselors.  I think I know who I’m going to ask, but I want to have everything except for the skin ready to go.

One of the other tasks I tackled today was countersinking.  Man, that was stressful.  You live and die by how well you setup the countersink cage.  I spent about 20-minutes on some scrap to get it dialed in.  It was a trial and error process.  I would tweek the cage, then I would compare that to the rear spar dimples….tweek the cage and compare….wash rinse repeat.  I eventually got the dimple to sit flush in the countersink with the barest minimum of play.  Of course the proof is in the pudding and when I get back, I’ll drive the rivets and see how they do.  I wont stop worrying about it until the rivets are in and sitting flat like they should.

Off to Little Rock for the rest of the weekend for my sons hockey tournament.

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