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Finished Deburring Vertical Stabilizer

February 11, 2011

Deburring is such a whip!  It gives me a headache, but I have it all finished.  Michelle says I have a few touch-ups to do on the doubler, but other than that things are good.  I went to Lowes today and got a round file to add to my collection.  It came in handy getting to that hard to reach spot on the 808PP doubler.

This is the hard to reach spot

I also got a 120 grit belt for my sander.   The 80 was way to much for aluminum.  The 120 might be to much, as well.  I may have to shoot for a 240 or so.

Hey all the pictures can't be exciting action shots.

Tomorrow I am going to dimple and countersink.  Dimpling doesn’t bother me.  It is pretty hard to screw that up.  Countersinking is another story.  Countersinks are when you drill an over sized hole just deep  enough for the dimpled sheet metal on top to fit into.  That way the rivet remains flush.  Too deep and the rivet is sunken in the hole, to shallow and the rivet sits proud on top.  I have a drill press just for this task.  Consistent countersinks are essential for things to look good.  I may have to disassemble one of my Vans airfoil project in order to practice this.  I know its going to take me 20 minutes to get the countersink cage dialed in.  I got permission to dimple at the kitchen table, so I brought everything in so that it can all get up to room temperature.

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