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Compressor Added to Collection

December 1, 2010

My wife suggested I wait for holiday sales to pick up some stuff.  She’s so smart.  I got this compressor from Home Depot this past weekend.

I’m really pleased with the performance.  It is pretty quiet; while running we can’t hear it in the house or in the driveway with the doors closed.   Of course the tools promise to be a different story.  I picked up a filter for it at Sears and have it all rigged up.  It will produce ~5.3CFM @ 90lbs, which seems to be the agreed benchmark for these sorts of things.

My daughter and I picked it up and brought it home.  I got it setup and ran if through its break-in for an hour.  I changed the oil (which was absolutely filthy after an hour) and let it run until it filled the tank.  I guess it took 5 minutes or so, probably less.  I hooked up my die grinder and briefly pretended to be building a plane.  If the schedule holds, I should be buying my RV tool-kit in a month or so.

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