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First Tool…

November 10, 2010

Today I passed another milestone.  I spent my first dollars specifically for this project.  What did I buy?


Yes, I know it’s not a major investment, but it is a commitment of a sort.  🙂

This is a die grinder.  Think of it like an air powered Dremel.  It has a 1/4″ collett (which I now know is the place where you put the tool you want to use) and from all accounts is a very handy thing to have.  I got it at Northern Tool and Equipment today while I was researching parts I am going to need for my compressor and other air stuff.  I happened to be in the Dallas area with some time on my hands so I dropped in for a visit.  I really wish I had one of these stores near Bentonville.  This was on an end cap so I got it for a whopping $11.95.  It probably isn’t variable speed and might die on me after the first use, but what the heck.  So there we go, I’m committed.

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