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Garage Fairies Visit

September 13, 2010

Good God cleaning the garage was a pain.  3.5 years of junk I thought I might need, didn’t need and already replaced stood between me and getting a handle on things.  What we actually did was just move our junk around and dust it off.  Some of it went to the new shed, some went to the attic, some even came into the house.  Alot of it didnt get dusted off at all and simply got moved to the Benton County dump.  I have 4 complete Allen wrench sets.  Obviously at one time or another I needed an Allen wrench and went out to buy it.  It then became lost and I bought another…etc. 


I found the remains of at least 5 drill bit sets.  Between them I can make 3 complete sets with spares.  There is a red bucket that is 1/4 full of nothing but orphaned sockets.  I have an entire drawer dedicated to nothing but fastners.  Nails (from brads – 16 penny), screws (wood, machine, sheetrock), hangers, anchors, assorted nuts and washers (I labled them non-AN as if I’d get confused).  It litterally took the last two weeks to get it straightened out.  I thought we’d be able to knock it out on Labor Day weekend.  Nope.  Almost two weeks.  I got additional lighting installed in the garage bay.  Wow does it help!  Still need the under cabinet lights, but I’ve decided I am not paying what they want for LED lights.  “Cheap” flourescent lights are still going to run me $32/set. 

Now on to really exciting stuff.  Financing.  I’ve decided to blog a bit about my findings in this catagory since there is so little on the web that I’ve been able to find.

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