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Workspace Issues

August 30, 2010

As with most people, I have a workspace issue.  It isn’t as extreme as some, but may be an issue. I have a 3 car garage that I have been informed will not be entirely given up to the project. This is unfortunate, because I was hoping to have the only hangar home in the neighborhood.

Not much room at the moment

As you can see, most of my space issues are self inflicted. Cleaning up, throwing out and moving some junk will solve the worst of the problems.

We’re going to be building a cheap shed out in the backyard to store the outdoor stuff. We laid some decking down in the attic of the garage this spring. That will be where a lot of stuff winds up. All those boxes on the right and some of the junk on the shelves.

Unlike a lot of people, I do have a workbench ready to go. We figured out at our last house that having cabinets and a work bench were super important. We added them at this house, and I’m glad I did. I’ll engineer a place for the dimpler and other items, as I need. I may still make up a rolling bench. I also need to add over-all lighting. The workbench will get some LED strings I found at a DIY store this weekend. I’ll find some super cheap contractor grade fluorescent fixtures for the bay. In the first picture, up above, you can see the only lighting in the garage as two fluorescent fixtures. They are ok for finding a lost baseball or trying to see where to put a screwdriver, but they are going to be useless for riveting and match drilling.

Anyway, work will commence this weekend. Labor Day sales will no doubt be available at the local big box DIY’s and I’ll see if we can get a deal on that cheap shed. Maybe I can get the garage completely cleaned?

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