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Vans Vist

August 29, 2010

Ok,  did it!  Flew to Portland on Southwest on Friday and visted the Vans facility.  If you are even slightly considering building a Vans you have to visit Oregon.   The short version is that I’ve made up my mind on a 7A.  I had a great time and learned a lot about the process and how Vans operates.  Did you know 30% of their sales are going overseas?  I didn’t.    Aside from the stills below, check out our no flap landing. Notice how fast he gets the plane stopped.

RV12 Right now the most popular model, I think.

RV10 What a nice plane. Just cant swing the pricetag, though.

RV 6 owned by a Van's employee. Junk Wagon, I think is what was written on the side of the plane. Seems he bought it after an accident and fixed it up.

Yummy food. Found this on the way to Van's. Just had to stop.

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