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First Try at Tube

I have reached that point in the build where I realize that there are a lot fewer rivets left to pound than there are already pounded.  I’m starting to work with material I haven’t worked with before.  Today is tubing for the fuel vent inside the cabin.  I only screwed up one place, which of course caused me to have to redo the entire tube, but thats ok.  It’s a learning process.  I am going to stick with the stock Vans tubing.  It is very easy to bend.  Inside the cabin the tube has lots of bends.  Read and follow the plans on DWG-36.  If you look at the top of your F-902R/L you’ll see a series of holes where there will be some future rivets.  Pay attention to the tube bend in this area.

2015-11-27 15.35.56

If the radius is to small, you’ll interfere with the rivets later on.

Otherwise it was a pretty straight forward operation.  There’s a lot of taking the part in and out and resizing….but its pretty easy.  Be careful to not crimp the line.  Bend slowly, very slowly.

2015-11-27 15.36.11

This is where the vent live dumps overboard. Just forward of the pedals on the pilots side.

2015-11-27 15.16.44 2015-11-27 15.16.52

535 Days

Thats how much time has passed since I worked on my plane.  When I did that calculation I just couldn’t believe it.  Apollo 11 only lasted 8-days, Columbus found the new world in about 60 days.  Thats the scale of time that I’ve been working with.  I knew that my move would be long, but didn’t expect this long.

So I’m in the new garage shop which is quite a bit smaller than my shop in Arkansas.  As you can see in some of my last posts from there I had my plane inside and had one of the wings on.  This will not be possible in my new place.

Wall space is at a premium.  It seems I need wall space for everything.  I think I have as much stuff on the walls as I could get, but wall space isn’t just about hanging things on the wall.  It is also about putting things against the wall.  I purchased a new table from Sams Club and it resides against a wall.  My old EAA table now has wheels and can be moved around.  I also purchased a stand-up tool box from Sears and it holds all my hand tools.  It is also on rollers and can be moved around as need be.  I added some new light bars to increase the amount in the shop.  I can already tell it wont be enough.  I just wish I had a bit more space.   Not a huge amount, just a bit more.

I found myself constantly complaining about the amount of space I didn’t have.  I was always tweaking this and that coming up with any excuse to not get started again.  Sunday I decided that I was ready for a dry run.  I needed a couple of shims for the front wing mounts.  One would be a .063 and one would be a .032.  I needed my band saw, bench grinder and sanding station.  I made two trips to Lowes.  I needed some bolts to hold my bench grinder in place and I needed a power strip for my EAA table.  My old table location didn’t move much and I had a power strip on it in AR.  I relocated the power strip for another application, so I ended up getting a new one.  With the power problem solved I spent time re adjusting my sanding station and installing a new Scotch-Brite wheel on my bench grinder.  In Bentonville my garage floor was fairly level.  Not so in McKinney.  The floor is pretty slanted, so getting things level is hard.  I shimmed my sanding station enough to use it, but it was pretty clear that this is a task I am going to have to solve.

Once all this was done I was able to get my shims made.  The came out great.

The Light is a Lot Brighter Now

So here we are.  Two weeks away from closing on our new house.  I have never been more excited about moving….EVER.  I’m ready to be in my own house with my own garage and plane.  The extra money I spent on the insulation was money well spent.  Ive been back to the house on days in the mid 90’s and the temperature in the garage was very comfortable.  The northern exposure and the insulation really help.  I may not need my portable AC at all.  The contractor forgot to blow insulation in the attic of the garage, but I may ask him to wait until after closing.  I need to add extra lights in the garage and not having the insulation will be a big help.  I’m getting a handle on where tables and such are going to go.  I know where my compressor will sit and I’ve got my eyes on a few Sears metal tables that I might get.  Michelle says I can have a satellite receiver in the garage.

Either this week or next, we are going up to Bentonville to grab all my tools.  The plane will remain for the time being, but I need to have all my tools on day-1 after closing.  There are plenty of “honey-dos” that need doing after close.  We’ll visit friends and grab a Crepe at Crepes Paulette…cant miss it.


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